NicbFit has been my trainer for almost a year now and she has continued to support me even when I fell off the bandwagon multiple times. I am getting married this year in August and I decided that it was time to make a change. Not only for the wedding but beyond the wedding. I was dealing with a lot of family things at the end of last year/beginning of this year and I was eating whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted. I saw that the January BNB challenge was about to start and I decided that I was going to participate. The first week was tough! I was out of breath and couldn’t complete some of the exercises without stopping but I knew I had to keep going! I had to make sure that I was following the meal plan because what you eat is definitely a big part of losing weight and keeping the weight off. I even decided to have my fiancé do the challenge with me, which helped a lot because we were each other’s accountability partners. Fast forward to the end of the challenge and I can definitely see progress! I am definitely going to continue working out and I can’t wait for the next bnb challenge! Losing weight doesn’t happen over night but if you keep going and push through it will be worth it! 😊😊
— Alicia L.

I started training with Nicole Nov 2017 and have had nothing but a wonderful experience. I found Nicole when I was 10 months post-partum and at a point when I could barely stand to look in the mirror. But, Nicole was more than a trainer she was and is an inspiration and wouldn’t let me be down on myself. She kept reminding me to “Be Great” and kept pushing me physically no matter how much I complained and gave her a hard time. My attitudes didn’t faze her one bit; she kept working on me and believing in me. We are at the 7th month mark and my progress is a direct result of NicB.Fit and her ability to keep pushing you even when you don’t want to push yourself!
— Candace H.

NicB’s training is simply breathtaking literally and physically...It’s worth it because the results will have others breath taking 😩✊🏾 She caters to my needs as her client and she’s definitely has shown me that the body can transform beyond my imagination. She’s dedicated and just as determined as I am to stay fit!

- Ashley G.

My expectations of a training experience have definitely been reached/exceeded in my experience with Nicole. Moving out of state and living in a new city made it difficult to find a trainer that I liked and that could be flexible with my work schedule. Fortunately for me, I’ve been able to utilize Nicole’s online training programs. These programs not only challenge me physically, but mentally as well. The plans Nicole has developed help me stay consistent and accountable. I have recognized significant changes in my body and I overall feel great. Fitness is life and I appreciate Nicole for the constant encouragement and challenge to get better! She’s like superwoman; there’s nothing she can’t do and she’ll convince you that you can do any and everything too!

- Celeste T.

Training with Nicb.Fit was an amazing experience. She is a great trainer and very patient. She pushed me hard enough to where I wanted to do the work, but still understood that I needed patience after only working out a short amount of times. She showed me a variety of exercises and techniques that I was able to do and not feel like I had to already be in shape to accomplish them. She never made me feel bad about not being in shape, instead she pushed me to want to be in shape . I had an amazing experience and would recommend anyone who is looking for a trainer with passion and the knowledge to get you fit.

- Brttany K.

I have had the pleasure of training with Nicole in person and on line. If you are looking for someone to give you the push that you need and won’t let you give up on yourself, Nicole is the answer!

- Neshia M.

I always say my trainer is so bomb because she is! I started following her fitness page a while ago and even inquired about training with her early this year. In September when she posted she’s accepting new clients I contacted her ASAP. I’ve been training with Nic B for 2 months now and I see my body transforming slowly but surely. In 3 weeks I saw changes in my body! Training with her 2 days a week and 3 days online isn’t always easy but very worth it! When doing the online training I always feel like she’s there with me, and that helps me push through those intense workouts and not just quit . When doing our one on one sessions she just wings it. I act like I hate the workouts that she comes up with because they seem so extreme but I love it , that’s one of the reasons I started training with her ! She goes hard!!!! She legit gives me that extra push💪🏽

- Aniysa W.